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Pointing Out A Customer’s Own Stupidity Makes You The Rude One

, , , , | Right | May 13, 2022

It is a little after seven in the morning. I have just finished getting the cashier area set up for the day. It is important to note that our counter is very long, but there’s only one place to pay. The other side of the counter used to be used for loaner cars before the company pulled the plug on that. I keep that window closed at all times, and I have put up a sign saying to use the other window along with an arrow pointing to where the customer is supposed to be.

Not a lot of people read this sign. Because of where my computer is, I cannot see if a customer is at the counter unless they’re where they’re supposed to be. I can also see the parts counter from my desk.

This morning, I’m sitting at my desk reading my emails when I notice a customer at the parts counter. A moment later, a second customer gets in line behind the first customer. I keep an eye on the parts counter to see if the customer has to pay. The first customer leaves without paying and the second customer approaches the parts counter. I see them pointing to me, so I get up and go over to where the card reader is. The customer then goes over to the other side where the sign with the arrow is.

Me: “Sir, over here.”

The guy huffs but walks over to my window.

Customer: “I’m picking up a car.”

Me: “What was the name?”

Customer: *Mumbles*

Me: “What was that?”

Customer: “[Customer].”

I look through our finished tickets and pull his out.

Me: “Okay, it doesn’t look like you owe anything today. I just need you to sign here and here.”

I mark where I need him to sign and hand him the papers with a pen. He only signs in one spot.

Me: “Up here, as well.”

He signs and throws the pen down. We have a cup for used pens sitting on the customer’s side of the glass, but I decide not to press him on it.

Me: “Okay, and this is your copy and your keys. Have a good day.”

Customer: “What’s your name?”

Me: “[My Name].”

The customer leaves but not before complaining to the manager. A few minutes later, the manager comes over.

Manager: “That guy that was just here said you were very rude to him. What did you do?”

Me: “I asked him to move over here and sign stuff. He didn’t owe anything.”

Manager: “That’s it?”

Me: “Yeah. I mean, if he was standing where I can’t see before he got in the parts line, then I guess he thought I was ignoring him, but that’s what the sign is for.”

Manager: “Maybe you need a bigger sign.”

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