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You Gotta Give Him Credit For Trying

, , , | Right | May 13, 2022

I currently work at a nationwide gaming store. PlayStation 5s are still hard to get. We are getting them once a month to release on a select day, in a bundle, to the premium members of our rewards.

A kid, maybe thirteen years old, comes in during a busy moment in our store and comes to the counter. I’m collecting games for another customer.

Me: “Hi there. How can I help?”

Kid: “You got any PS5s?”

I respond as I’m still searching the drawers for games.

Me: “We are having an event this Saturday. They are going to be sold in a bundle that includes three games, a headset, and a year’s subscription to PSN. They will only be available to premium members.”

Kid: “My cousin is in the car, and he said he would give you two hundred dollars if you sell him one right now.”

I stand upright and look directly at the kid with a deadpan expression.

Me: “Two hundred isn’t worth me losing my job.”

The kid shrugs and walks out. The customer who has been waiting for me to find the games bursts out laughing.

Customer: “You have better control of your temper than I do. I would have laughed in their face and told them to leave.”

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