Must Have Her House In That Car

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(I’m cashiering at a well-known department store.)

Customer: *puts her items on the counter* “Can I keep the hangers? And will you put this in a garment bag?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.” *starts ringing her up*

Customer: “I forgot my [Store] card in my car and I don’t want to walk all the way outside to go get it.”

Me: “That’s okay. I can look it up using your ID. And you get an extra discount for using it today. It brings your total to [total].”

Customer: “I left my ID in the car, too. I didn’t want to carry around my heavy purse while I shopped. Can you use my husband’s ID? It’s the same last name and address.”

(On a normal day, I would do this. However, my store just changed the way we do a card lookup for security reasons and I definitely need her ID. She makes a HUGE show of having to go to her car to get her purse, and when she gets back she is exaggerating being exhausted)

Customer: “Ugh. This thing is so heavy. And it’s so hot outside.” *digs for her store card, can’t find it, and hands me her ID*

(I go to perform the lookup but it directs me to call our authorization department. I call and go through various steps with the woman on the other end to find the customer’s card, who tells me it’s been closed due to inactivity.)

Me: “When was the last time you used your card?”

Customer: “Maybe six months ago.”

Me: “Well, they told me that it was closed due to inactivity, but you can—“

Customer: *flips me off* “You can tell that to the b**** on the phone that I’m never opening another card here.” *leaves without taking her items or paying*

Me: *ringing up the next customer*

Customer: *comes back in the store* “Can I just pay with a Visa?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Customer: “You didn’t tell me that.” *pays for her things* “I can’t believe this. I’ve been in here using my card! How can it be closed?! What’s the time limit for inactivity?”

Me: “Usually a year, but they’ve changed a lot of things this year.”

Customer: “I’m going to call them tomorrow. So, can I reopen my card here?”

Me: *internal scream* “Yes, ma’am. Here at the register, online, or over the phone.” *gives her the corporate number* “Have a good night!”

Customer: “You too, sweetie. Sorry I yelled at you. It’s not your fault.”

Me: *to coworker* “At least she apologized.”

(She walked out to meet her husband. However, she spent the next 45 minutes bothering various workers in the store because she couldn’t find her phone. We called it and took her information down only for her to find it in her car.)

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