It’s Just Nacho Day Today

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(I work in a small cafe that is basically a glorified deli. Along with the sandwiches, we have things like soup, salads, pizza, nachos, and pretzels, as well as an extensive retail section. Our nacho cheese machine is down so we have taken nachos off our menu for the time being. We probably only sell about ten orders of nachos a week. They’re literally just chips and cheese; there is nothing special about them. This customer works for a different department in the same building as the cafe.)

Customer: “Do you guys still have the nachos today?”

Me: “Unfortunately, our cheese machine is down; we’re waiting on a replacement.”

Customer: “So, you don’t have nachos?”

Me: “No. Sorry.”

Customer: “Then what exactly do you have?”

Me: “Um, sandwiches and soup… pizza…”

Customer: “That’s it? What’s the point of even being open?”

(The customer then turns and stomps out, leaving me confused. Twenty minutes later, my supervisor comes in — her office is in a different area. I have a line and I’m in the middle of making a few sandwiches.)

Supervisor: “I just got an email saying you were completely out of food and not serving anything.”

(I explained to her about the nacho lady and she just rolled her eyes. The next day, we got a replacement cheese machine on loan from another cafe until ours came in.)

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