Nacho Going To Get Five Stars

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(I am a rideshare driver. I’ve picked up a group of young girls in the back, and they’re eating something. I assume it’s just chips.)

Girl #1: *leaving* “Thanks for the ride, sir!” *hops out*

Girl #2: *following her* “Yeah, thank you!”

Girl #3: “By the way, it’s okay! It’s not vomit!” *leaves*

Me: *watches them leave and then stares for a few minutes* “What the h*** did that mean?” *checks the back seat* “Holy s***!”

(The entire back of the car was smeared with nacho sauce. It was absolutely disgusting, and I now knew why the girl wanted to assure me that it wasn’t vomit. There was cheese smeared up and down the seats, across the doors, on the back, etc. It was awful, and it started to smell. I had to get it cleaned out immediately. That was a very weird encounter.)

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