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It’s A Dog-Meet-Cute-Dog World

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When I get a Dachshund pup — a long-haired brindle — from the breeders my family’s gone to for at least ten years, Mom and I find out that a couple from our town is adopting another dog from the same litter. Mom gives the breeder our contact information for playdates, which never come about. 

A year later, I bring my dog for another round of standard obedience, and my boss — the trainer — mentions that another long-haired brindled Dachshund is also going to attend. I half-joke, “Wouldn’t it be funny if it was [Dog]’s brother?” only for my boss to tell me she believes the dog came from a different breeder. Bummer.

Before class begins, a lady comes in with the aforementioned Dachshund, and without giving us a chance to try properly introducing them, my dog and hers immediately rush toward each other and started playing. After making sure our boys won’t fight, exchanging our names and theirs, and mutually gushing over how cute they are, the lady asks me where I got mine.

Me: “[Business] in Wetmore.”

Lady: *Pauses* “What were his parents’ names?”

Me: “The sire’s name was Romeo Junior, and the dam’s name was… uh…” 

Lady: “Sunrise? Sunset?”

Me: “Yeah!”

Lady: “Those were my dog’s parents, too!”

She was one of the people Mom had tried to leave contact information for! It turned out the staff member overseeing the adoptions had forgotten to pass it on. But our dogs still somehow recognized each other, even after a year of separation. Of course, we scheduled regular playdates, and two years later, we’ve become good friends, while our dogs still get along like butter and popcorn. 

Thus far, meeting [Friend] and [Her Dog] has been the cutest coincidence I’ve ever experienced.

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