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I am visually impaired. I go to a training center in Nebraska that helps people like me learn to be independent and function in the world. One day, a buddy and I are learning the route to the gas station to get ourselves a soda and a bag of chips. We are just passing by the bus stop when we are stopped by an Arabic-speaking gentleman.

Man: “You wait for bus? Bus goes downtown here.”

Me: “Oh, if you’re going downtown, you’ll want the bus stop across the street. It’s this way.”

Man: “Oh, okay; I’ll go.”

The three of us make our way across the street, engaging in a little bit of small talk and introducing ourselves along the way.

Me: “All right, we’re here. Is this where you’re going?”

Man: “Yeah. You need bus?”

Me: “Nah, it’s all good. We got it from here. Thanks, man.”

Man: “No problem.”

I extend my hand for him to shake. In response, he comes over for a hug.

Me: “Nice to meet you.”

Man: “Yes, I love you.”

Me: “Uh…”

He walks over and gives my friend a hug.

Man: “I love you; I love you.”

My friend and I laughed a bit awkwardly as we continued on our way. As we kept going, our shop teacher came up behind us to help out, since we got a bit turned around. Turns out, he was watching us the whole time. We all had a good laugh about it afterward.

Every time I look back on that story, it makes me smile. I still think about how nice that man was, and I hope he’s doing well today.

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