Internot Getting It, Part 2

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I work in the renewals and billing department of a large UK energy company. In November 2018, said company made it so that certain tariffs and deals are ONLY available online. We did not have access to them other than the names. At least three times a day after this, this conversation occurs.

Customer: “I would like a quote on this deal I have been recommended.”

Me: “I’m sorry for this, but unfortunately, that deal is an online exclusive. We do not have access to it.”

Customer: “But I don’t have a computer.”

Me: “We don’t have access to that deal; I can give you basic information on it but I cannot put you on it.”

Customer: “Well, get me someone who can.”

Me: “The deal you are looking for is an online exclusive; none of us over the phone have access to it.”

Customer: “Stop repeating yourself! I don’t have a computer! I am elderly and I cannot believe you are discriminating against me like this!” *Violent sobbing*

Me: “Unfortunately, we cannot do this deal over the phone. I can go through the ones I have but they may not be at the same price point. But if it is this deal you want, it needs to be done online. Do you have any family members or friends who can help?”

Customer: “I do not have a computer! No one I know has a computer! Just put me on the deal!”

I banged my head on the desk repeatedly.

Internot Getting It

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