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I Find Phone Calls Exhausting, Too

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I worked for the Small Business Administration in Seattle as a secretary.

We had one gal who was the director’s secretary. Every morning, her husband would call, and they would spend sixty to ninety minutes going over the horse races at our local race track. This would leave just one person to answer calls, etc. After that, she would take a break, come back, and then take an extended lunch.

She always told the director that she was SO BUSY and that was why her work was chronically behind.

She went on vacation for two weeks and I was asked to fill in. The very first day, I had her huge backup of charts done and back to the loan officers, answered the phone, and kept everything else current.

The director called me into his office on my last day before she came back.

Director: “What’s your secret for getting everything done?”

Me: “I actually worked and didn’t spend the day on the phone with personal calls.”

About two weeks later, she was finally reprimanded for excessive personal calls during work hours.

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