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Donated Some Furniture But Got A Whole Different Animal

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I work for a charity thrift store. Someone donated an old, high-quality recliner. I was presiding over the donation when I heard odd noises coming from the recliner. I grabbed a flashlight and started looking inside.

There was a tabby cat entangled within the internals!

I got my manager and we tried to get the cat to leave, but it either wouldn’t or couldn’t, so we decided to contact animal control.

Animal control sent over an officer who was able to get the cat out of the recliner. The officer scanned the cat’s microchip and was about to call the owner when a panicked woman arrived at the store looking for her cat. She had donated the recliner, gone home, and been unable to locate her cat.

We returned the cat to her, and the cat started purring very loudly.

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