Didn’t Card Read The Notes

, , , , , , | Working | February 10, 2020

(I’ve decided to order a pizza for dinner. I’ve gone through the app only to get to the payment part and realise that for some reason, it isn’t going to let me pay by card at all. I try all the various options; cash is the only one that will go through. But I don’t want to pay in cash, so I immediately ring up the store to ask them if they could send the driver out with a card reader. The person on the other end of the phone says my order hasn’t come through yet, but when it does, she’ll add the note.)

Driver: “That’ll be [amount].”

Me: “Uh, where’s the card reader?”

Driver: “You didn’t ask for a card reader?”

Me: “I definitely rang up to ask for the reader.”

Driver: *lifting up the receipt* “No, see, you’re meant to add a note about the card reader when you order. It’s not here. See?”

Me: “You know what? Fine. Here’s the cash. Keep the change.”

(It’s only about 20p, I just don’t feel like waiting for him to find a coin amongst any coin change he is carrying. I get back upstairs and call up the store again. It is the same person answering the phone.)

Me: “Hey, I was on the phone earlier asking about the card reader. You never sent it.”

Worker: “Look, your order still hasn’t come through.”

Me: *mental facepalm* “Seriously? It’s just arrived.”

(The line immediately went silent and at first, I thought she’d hung up on me, but she’d put me on hold, apparently, to go find her manager. I told him what happened, and when he asked for my name and address he found the order immediately. He repeatedly apologised, saying that she can’t have been looking for the right address or the right name and that he was going to insist that everyone have some extra training AND that they pay better attention to the addresses they’re given from then on, but he couldn’t do anything specific about the fact that I was now out the cash amount. And the driver probably still thinks I’m a jerk for a 20p “tip,” but I can’t blame him for that.)

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