The Show Must Go On Late

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(A person applies for a manager position at our theater. Although they don’t meet the requirements, our GM decides to allow them to work towards the position. Everything goes normal for the first day of training until five hours in.)

Employee: “Hey, what time do we leave tonight?”

General Manager: “Around 1:30 am.”

Employee: “Oh… I don’t do late nights.”

General Manager: “Excuse me?”

Employee: “Yeah, unless I’m making [amount over double the projected salary the employee agreed to], I don’t do late nights or early mornings.”

General Manager: “When did you think you were going to be working?”

Employee: “You know, nine to five. Business hours.”

General Manager: “We’re open usually 7:00 am until around 1:00 am. That’s our business hours.”

Employee: “Yeah… I don’t think this job is going to work for me. Is it cool if I stay until 11 so I have a decent pay for the day?”

General Manager: “Absolutely not.”

Employee: “All right… peace.” *hands over their nametag and leaves*

Other Manager: *who saw all this happen* “Did they really just ask to milk the clock while quitting?”

General Manager: “It appears so.”

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