Diamonds Don’t Want To Be Their Friends

, , , , | Right | November 18, 2019

(I am working at the jewelry counter helping two customers who are looking at diamond earrings. They want nice quality pieces; however, they are horribly stingy and don’t want to pay big money to get nice pieces. All of our jewelry is 60% off but, considering how cheap they are, I grab a pair of diamond earrings out of our discontinued stock which is 80% off.)

Me: “As you can see, these are one-carat diamond studs and because they are discontinued, they might be able to fit your price range better.”

Customer: “Excellent, I will take this pair—” *motions to ones that are 60% off* “—for this price.” *taps the discontinued ones*

Me: “Sir, that’s not how this works. These are on a better sale because they have been discontinued and the company has stopped making them. I cannot adjust the price on these ones because they are still in production.”

Customer: “Call a manager over. I don’t know why you aren’t understanding what I want to happen.”

(I call a manager over and I explain the situation.)

Manager: “Sir, she’s clearly explained that she cannot mark down the price on this pair because they are still in production. If you want to get your price down cheaper, I suggest opening a store card which will save you another percentage.”

Customer: “I already have one and I have this coupon, too, for my card.”

(He shows the manager a coupon on his phone.)

Manager: “And that is a fraudulent coupon which we will not honor in this store. I suggest you either buy the earrings for the price offered or leave.”

(He ends up buying the pair and stays silent the rest of the transaction. Later, my manager comes back.)

Manager: “Those guys were shysters. I also love how they insisted on having me come over and then showing me something that they probably could have gotten away with if I hadn’t shown up.”

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