Death Of A Sale, Part 3

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(Due to an inheritance, we have actual cash in hand to buy a car. We know exactly what we want and can pay for the entire thing up front. We walk into the dealership very excited. No one is in the showroom, but the offices along one side all have people in them. Despite several of them looking right at us and clearly talking about us, we stand around for half an hour waiting for someone to come help us. We finally decide to just leave in frustration. Suddenly, I have HAD IT. I turn around and walk back into the showroom, and one of the men from the offices comes right over to ask if he can help me.)

Me: “Well, you should have. We stood in here for thirty minutes waiting for someone to help us. I know you saw us because you made eye contact with me. My husband and I came in here with cash to buy a [Car] today, but you just lost the sale.”

(He begins to sputter and says that he isn’t a salesman and that they are all in a meeting.)

Me: “I don’t care what your job is; you could have come over when you saw that your store had customers and asked if we needed anything. Instead, you can explain to your boss when he gets my complaint why you sat on your butts and lost him a nice sale. Have a nice day.”

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