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Never Time Out For Time Out

| USA | Related | October 9, 2013

(I am at my parent’s house, and we are babysitting my two-year-old nephew. We have been reinforcing the idea that time out is the punishment for bad behavior. I have been making jokes at my dad’s expense, and he doesn’t like it. I’m in my 20s.)

Dad: “Time out! Now!”

Me: “Who, me?”

Dad: “Yes.”

Me: “But—”

(My dad gestures towards my nephew so that I know he’s watching us. I have no choice but to go sit in ‘time out’ for the first time in over 10 years.)

Me: “This isn’t over, Old Man.”

Coming Out And Going Out

| Related | October 9, 2013

October Themed Story Giveaway Reminder: Lying Isn’t Loving!

Not Always Romantic | Romantic | October 9, 2013
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Cat Lady

| Romantic | October 9, 2013



| AZ, USA | Romantic | October 9, 2013

(I’m in the kitchen, making something to eat when I see my boyfriend eating a small bag of chips.)

Me: “Babe, can you save me just one chip please?”

Boyfriend: “Okay.”

(A few minutes pass.)

Me: “Did you save me a chip?”

Boyfriend: *with a big smile* “I saved you half the bag!”

Me: “If that ain’t love, then I don’t know what love is.”

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