Darkly A-Mew-sing

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(After years of begging, my parents let me get a cat. My brothers and I are ecstatic and quickly fall in love with our little black and white kitten. When she’s about a year old, however, our father starts developing sinus problems and after a lot of trial and error we trace it back to cat dander. So, after a lot of tears, we come to the conclusion that our kitty has to be rehomed. We’re all devastated when we’re given the news. Then, my youngest brother, who is only five or six at the time, suggests another solution.)

Brother: “Can’t we just get rid of Dad, instead?”

(We still joke that when our father dies, his body won’t even be cold before we get another cat. Our cat was happily rehomed with our cousins and quickly established dominance over their dog and other cat.)

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