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Customers As Thick As Their Drinks End Up Becoming

, , , , | Right | November 6, 2020

A lady comes up and asks for a small coffee with ten milks. I know from previous experience — a college kid ordered a 10×10 on a dare — that that will fill the cup right to the top with milk and leave no room for coffee. I decide it will be more effective to SHOW her instead of telling her, so I put eight shots of milk into her cup and put it on the counter.

Me: “I just wanted to show you that this is what eight shots of milk looks like; I could put more in, but there won’t be any room for coffee.”

The customer stares at the cup for a moment and then looks at me.

Customer: “Are you going to put coffee in that?”

Me: *Pause* “Yup.”

I take the coffee pot and pour the inch worth of coffee that would fit into the cup, where she can see it, and stir.

Customer: “That’s too white!”

I take a breath to calm myself.

Me: “How much milk would you like, then?”

Customer: “Like, half that!”

I pour out half the cup and fill the rest with coffee, and put it on the counter before putting the lid on.

Customer: “That’s better!”

Question of the Week

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