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In Thrift Stores, That Is Not A “New” Attitude

, , , , | Right | November 6, 2020

I’m working as a volunteer in a charity shop that sells donated furniture at a fraction of what it would cost brand new. A woman comes in and spends a long time inspecting a sofa. It’s in very good condition. After a while, she approaches me, so I naturally assume she’s interested in buying. Instead, the following exchange takes place.

Woman: “Is this new?”

Me: “No, madam, all of our sofas are donated. However, as you can see, this one is in excel—”

Woman: “Ugh. No way I’m buying second-hand.”

Without another word, she flounced out of the door. As she was leaving, I was unable to stifle a laugh, though I don’t know if she heard me. I was thinking, “Good luck finding anything of that quality new for less than four times our price!”

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