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Couldn’t Even (Middle) Manage To Pay Attention

, , , , , | Working | March 15, 2023

I work for a small shop that is usually micromanaged by middle- and upper-management at a distance. It’s difficult for any minor mistake to occur without getting the third degree from someone, and verbal abuse is common. Nonetheless, it’s one of the better-paying retail jobs in the area, so we mostly just grit our teeth and deal. 

Sometimes, though, I can’t resist making my accusers look like a**es. 

An annoying middle manager sends me an email.

Middle Manager: “Hi. What happened to this purchase order from [date]? Why didn’t you receive it into inventory?”

I look it up, and sure enough, the purchase order has been completed; the inventory just hasn’t been received into the system. Stuff happens, but I wasn’t at the store that day, so I couldn’t tell you why.

Me: “You might want to ask [Coworker]. I’m assuming she just made a mistake. Easy enough to fix.”

[Middle Manager] is not content with the problem being solved. Oh, no. She needs someone to blame!

Middle Manager: “I’m asking you.”

Me: *Growing increasingly annoyed* “Well, I wouldn’t know.”

Middle Manager: “That doesn’t make any sense. You’re the full-timer. Can you help me understand why you wouldn’t know?”

Me: “Because I was attending a funeral that day. The funeral that you approved the schedule change for.”

She did not email me back.

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