Making A Mocha-ry Of The Prices

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Me: “Good morning.”

Customer: “Do you sell hot chocolate?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do.”

Customer: “How much is a small?”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll take a small white mocha.”

Me: “…”

The Bagging Is Flagging

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(I am waiting in a rather short line at the grocery store. There is an elderly woman in front of me, and a mother with her adult daughter in front of her. For a short line, it is taking a good ten minutes for the cashier to finish scanning the items. The customer hasn’t started bagging the items yet; the bagger is on a different lane at the moment. After watching what is going on for several minutes, the elderly woman taps the daughter on the shoulder and asks sweetly:)

Elderly Woman: “Excuse me, sweetie. How old are you?”

Daughter: “I just turned 21!”

Elderly Woman: “Then get off your a** and help your mother.”

(I choke back laughter. The mother is sputtering and ANGRY, but she can’t get the words out, which is so funny to me.)

Cashier: “At least someone said it.”

(The bagger from the other lane comes over, bags the groceries, put them in the cart, and wishes the lady a nice day. The woman and her daughter leave quickly.)

Elderly Woman: *to the cashier* “I’m sorry about that, darling. It irks me when kids these days expect other people to do everything for them.”

Cashier: *to [Elderly Woman]* “It’s okay. I remember their faces.”

Me: *erupts in laughter*

That’s A Good Line

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(It’s a very slow Thursday at the store where I work. I am alone at the service desk, one of the other girls is on a break, and the third girl is putting away returned stock. It’s so slow that I’m surfing NAR discreetly. A woman walks up with her credit card bill in her hand.)

Customer: *looking around* “Can you help me here?”

Me: *joking* “I’m sorry, ma’am. You’ll have to wait in line.”

(I wait a beat, and then continue, as there is definitely no line.)

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I can help you here.”

Customer: *also joking* “Oh, good, that wait was ridiculous. You need more help here!”

Me: “I know, ma’am, but labor and budgets, and blah blah blah.”

(I’ve finished her transaction, so I hand her the receipt and wish her a good day.)

Customer: “You, too. I hope it slows down a bit!”

(I cracked up and she laughed her way out the door.)

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(My friend has come to visit me. She is currently trying to get her life together, and I’m spotting her breakfast at a twenty-four hour restaurant. We pull up and park, and get out of the car, and a group of people come out the door, screaming and yelling. A waitress and the chef are telling them that they have to go now and they are loudly disputing it. Nothing much is clear, but I can hear the waitress repeatedly tell them that they can ‘just go on home’. Once they take off, we head inside.)

Me: “Sounds like you’ve had a bit of trouble tonight.”

Waitress #1: “Yeah, they were being rowdy.”

Me: “I can’t understand why people behave that way.”

Waitress #2: “Alcohol and testosterone, hon.”

Me: “Man, if that was half as crazy as it looked when we pulled up, you should go to this website. It’s called”

Waitress #1: “Yeah, that’d be really funny. Maybe I will.”

(The waitresses go back to their work and Waitress #2 serves us. She keeps saying ‘alcohol and testosterone’. We talk about it for a bit, and eventually I comment:)

Me: “Yeah, that’ll usually do it.”

(Nothing much more happens, but at the end of the meal, when I pay, I tip them more than 10% of my bill. They deserve it, especially since I learn as we’re walking out that the bad customers didn’t pay their whole tab. Those ladies were so nice to me and my friend, and efficient too! Thank you, ladies! I hope that they don’t cause you any more problems!)

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(I work at a very small coffee shop on a college campus. Besides coffee, we sell pastries, snacks, and juices. I am the only employee who works here. Because of this, in between classes the line can get pretty backed up.

At this point there are about 2 minutes before the next class starts and I have 2 drinks lined up to make. The next customer in line is waiting at the counter.)

Me: *as I start making the next drink* I’ll be right with you sir!


Me: *stops making drink* okay….

(He pays in silence)

Me: Have a good day!

Student: *storms off*

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