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Clearly, I’m In The Wrong Profession!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: smallpersona | September 5, 2022

I work in a hotel across from a major hospital, so a lot of our guests come from the country to stay with us for hospital visits/procedures. This older couple checks in early in the afternoon and we have a nice chat.

Later in the evening, the gentleman comes down to chat some more, and I ask him general questions about what they do and all that jazz. He lets me know they rescue wildlife, so I go absolutely ham asking all sorts of questions because that is my dream!

Me: “Do you have someone looking after the animals while you’re visiting the hospital?”

The man sort of goes quiet.

Guest: “Actually… we snuck in two baby wallabies, and they’re sleeping in tote bags in the room. Please don’t tell management. We brought them because they need to be fed every four hours and we have no one to care for them while they are visiting.”

I ain’t no snitch. The guests invited me up to their room when I finished my shift to hold the baby wallabies, which I did. I spent twenty minutes after work in the guests’ room playing with and holding baby wallabies. Best way to end a shift ever!

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