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Can’t Escape Without Confronting The Dragon

, , , , , | Right | November 24, 2020

I pop into a shop to look for a specific item. Unfortunately, after checking the aisles several times, I soon realise they don’t have it and start to make my way out.

The shop is set up so you come in one door but have to leave through another near the registers. You can’t go out the way you came in because the sensors only work on one side.

I don’t want to wait for somebody else to come in and then barge past them, so I make my way to the registers. There is a little bit of a line, maybe four or five people. I walk by them, explaining as I go that I’m not buying anything and I just want to leave. Everyone is fine with that, knowing how awkward the store layout is, and moves out of the way. However, a woman near the front of the line blocks my path, refusing to move.

Customer: “The back of the queue is there.”

She jabs her finger towards the end of the line.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not actually buying anything. I just want to leave.”

I try to go around her, but she keeps blocking my path.

Customer: “No cuts! The back of the line is there.”

Me: “I’m not buying anything. I’m just trying to leave.”

I hold my arms out so she can see I’m not holding anything.

Customer: “Back of the line!”

One of the cashiers notices the commotion and leans forward.

Cashier: “Madam, she’s not buying anything. Please let her pass so she can leave.”

Customer: “No! If she wants to leave, she needs to wait in line like everyone else!”

Cashier: “Only if she’s buying something, which you can clearly see she isn’t. Please let her pass.”

Customer: “No! No! No! I am sick of all these entitled b****es just cutting in line. She is not leaving this shop before me! I demand she gets in line like everyone else.”

Cashier: “You either let her pass or I call security.”

The woman went silent for a moment, glaring at me and then at the cashier. Finally, she stomped to one side and let me through. I got out of there as quickly as I could, thanking the cashier as I passed him. As I left, I heard the woman mutter about “entitled b****es” while glaring at me.

To the cashier: thank you so much for helping me. I hope you didn’t get into trouble!

Question of the Week

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