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Brotherly Love This Isn’t

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My uncle was always the sort to speak his mind freely — too freely. He speaks so freely that the entire family ended up cutting off all contact with him. Only my dad kept up with him, “Because he’s my brother, and it isn’t right to leave him behind.”

Then, one very unfortunate month, both my uncle’s wife and my mom died suddenly. My dad was brokenhearted and weepy, and after two weeks of mourning alone, he reached out to my uncle because he assumed he could sympathise with him.

Once they met and exchanged a few words, my uncle came up with this gem:

Uncle: “Oh, [Dad’s Nickname], I know it hurts, but you don’t have to let this get you down! You’re still a stud; you can always use that money [Mom] left you to pick up some strapping young woman, just like I did!” 

To the surprise of no one but my uncle, my dad decided to join the rest of the family and reject my uncle in disgust.

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