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A Penny Dreadful, Part 4

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A woman comes in after closing by a few minutes. I run the shop myself in the evenings and close up.

Customer: “I only need some copies and a fax. It shouldn’t take too long.”

I go to make her some copies, but she pushes me out of the way.

Customer: “You’re doing it wrong. You need to let me do it because I’ve done this all my life.”

I point out our sign that reads, “Please let the employees make your copies. You will be charged for any mistakes you make.”

Customer: “I want to do it my way.”

I step back and let her make her copies. I bring her copied papers to the fax machine behind the desk to be faxed. Even though we have a sign that asks customers not to come behind the desk, she follows me and decides to be a helicopter for a few minutes.

The fax line is busy, so I let her know and wait for the line to clear. I place the papers on the desk during this time while I wait.

Once I decide to try sending the fax again, I turn around and the papers are gone.

Me: “Do you have the papers?”

Customer: “I didn’t touch them.”

I look through all the papers on the back desk and the shelves, even though they have no reason to be in there. I am TEARING THE PLACE APART looking for these d*** papers.

Customer: *Freaking out* “Those papers have credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and my social security number on them! I’m going to have to close all of my accounts, and my identity has probably already been stolen!”

I am freaking out because I will for sure get fired over this. I am ready to cry.

Customer: “I’ll check my purse just in case, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick them up.”

She pulls out some folded-up papers. It’s those g**d*** papers! She promptly apologizes profusely, and I fax her papers. I total her up to $2.73. She hands over her card.

Me: “We don’t take cards for amounts under $5.”

She went to her car to get some change and came back with a box. The box was full of pennies. She grabbed a few handfuls, more than what she needed, and put them in a box out of which we sold chocolate for a fundraiser. She didn’t even put them in my hands.

She gave me 302 pennies! My boss let me know the next day that a lady had called and complained about my poor behavior toward her. I told him that she was the reason the pennies were taking up three sections in the register.

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