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Coworker: “I’m sorry, this is copyrighted so we can’t copy it.”

Customer #1: “Well this was copied before!”

Coworker: “Well they weren’t supposed to copy it.”

Customer #2: “Mom, don’t argue with her! She’ll lose her job!”

Customer #1: “Okay then, copy this!” *angrily throws paper on counter*

Customer #2: “Don’t throw it at her!”

Customer #1: “Shut your mouth!”

Google Provides Everything On The Internet, Except Permission

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(I work in a copy shop. We can get in loads of trouble if we are found copying material that’s copyrighted. Our corporate has been seriously cracking down on this, and I’ve heard a few people were fired. A man has submitted a file of a very well-known, copyrighted figure, and wants dozens of prints made.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we aren’t allowed to print copyrighted material.”

Customer: “That’s not copyrighted; I say it’s okay.”

Me: “I’m afraid I just won’t be allowed to print it unless you have some proof you have permission to use the image.”

Customer: “Of course I have permission! I found it on Google!”

Cover(sheet) Your Ears

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(We have a self-serve fax, with store cover sheets to use for free. When checking customers out, I always ask if they used a cover sheet, since their confirmation sheet doesn’t tell me; it only says how many total pages went through. If they used a cover sheet, we charge one less page than the confirmation sheet says:)

Me: “Did you use one of our cover sheets today?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I charge him for all the pages on his confirmation and he pays.)

Customer: “Wait a second. Aren’t the cover sheets supposed to be free?”

Me: “Yes, but you didn’t use one.”

Customer: “Yes, I did!”

Me: “Only our store cover sheets are free. Sorry.”

Customer: “No, I did use one of yours!”

Me: “You told me you didn’t.”

Customer: “No, I didn’t!”

Me: “Yes, you did. I asked you if you did and you said no.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I wasn’t listening.”

A Cents-less Use Of Copying

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(Our self-serve copiers need either a credit card or a prepaid copy card to work.)

Me: “You’ll need either a credit card or a copy card.”

Customer: “I don’t want to use a credit card for ten cents! That’s so stupid!”

Me: “Okay, then you can put money on a copy card. The minimum’s a dollar, but it never expires.”

Customer: “I’m not paying a dollar for a copy that only costs ten cents!”

Me: “Then use your credit card.”

Customer: “Why would I use my credit card for ten cents?! That’s ridiculous!”

Me: “Do you get charged every time you use your credit card?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “So, why is it ridiculous?”

Customer: “Ugh! You just do it for me!”

Me: “Okay, it’s more expensive, though. Is that okay?”

Customer: “I don’t care!”

(After doing their copies and giving them the price…)

Customer: “WHAT!? That’s too much money!”

Faith In Humanity? How Cute

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(I work in a copy shop. Our self-serve machines run on credit cards or preloaded cards you can get at the cash registers. The following exchange happens far too often with different customers:)

Customer: “The copier won’t work! It says to put in a card!”

Me: “Yes, you need a credit card or a prepaid copy card.”

Customer: “I don’t have a credit card!”

Me: “Okay, then you put money on a copy card.”

Customer: “Why can’t I just make my copies and then pay you after?!”

Me: “Because the machines don’t work without a card.”

Customer: “But you should change it so I can pay you after!”

Me: “Yeah, but then people would just leave without paying for their copies.”

Customer: “I don’t think anyone would ever do that!”

(Yes, they would.)

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