A Mistake In Assigning The Mistakes

, , , , | Working | November 9, 2018

(I’m in my first job after college. I’ve been in the job for a little over a year. I have recently bought my first ever car and am, of course, ecstatic. Everyone keeps asking about the car because they know that I’ve been walking to work. I overhear a couple of coworkers talking about me and how, due to my excitement about having a car, I am not paying attention to my job and am making mistakes in my highly-detailed data-entry job. Later in the day, one of them has decided to confront me about these mistakes.)

Coworker: “I know you are excited about having a car, but you really need to calm down and pay attention, because you are making a lot of mistakes.”

Me: “Okay, can you tell me what mistakes I’ve made?”

(The coworker gives me a list of the three mistakes. After she leaves, I look them up. I then walk back to her office.)

Me: “Well… [Mistake #1] wasn’t me. That was done about three weeks before I even started this job. [Mistake #2] also wasn’t me. That was the week I was on vacation, so I wasn’t even here. [Mistake #3] was me, but that happened two weeks after I started the job.”

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