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A Marvel-ous Outcome

, , , , , | Friendly | October 23, 2020

My best guy friend and I have made plans to see the Avengers premiere. We have our seats and our posters and I have my popcorn when this guy approaches us.

Guy: “Excuse me.”

I think he wants to move past so I tuck in my legs.

Guy: “No, you’re in my seat.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Guy: “Get out of my seat.”

I’m getting flustered as my friend preordered the tickets and has the confirmation on his phone but his phone is turned off. My friend, who is very protective of me, notices I’m getting flustered.

Friend: “Is something wrong?”

Guy: “Yes. This girl is in my seat.”

Friend: “No, it’s her seat. See?”

He turns on his phone and shows it to the guy, who still isn’t convinced and keeps insisting I need to get out. Eventually, my friend’s tone turns icy. He’s built like a security guard.

Friend: “All right. Let’s see your ticket.”

Guy: “Pardon?”

Friend: “I proved my friend is supposed to be here. Show me your ticket.”

The guy smugly pulls out his phone and shows it to my friend who has a flat expression.

Friend: “First of all… that is for Captain Marvel. This is Avengers. Second of all, this is the 7:00 showing and your ticket is for the 8:00, and thirdly, she’s in Row M seat 4, and yours says Row N seat 14.”

The guy goes pale and starts flipping through his phone to find his Avengers ticket before, defeated, slinking out.

Me: “Thanks, man.”

Friend: “No problem.”

We enjoyed the movie and my friend shared his pop tarts with me.