A Dark Tale

, , , | Right | October 14, 2019

(We sell fried chicken quarters, so the breast and wing — white — are attached, as are the leg and thigh — dark. It usually goes as a special, with a side and a drink, and the white special is more expensive. We’ll say it’s $6.50 and the dark is $6.00. A lady comes up to order it without the drink, which is the same price as with it.)

Customer: “Well, that’s okay. I’ll take four pieces with fries for each.”

(I ring her up for four specials. I probably should have asked for clarification, but she said she would be storing it so it didn’t seem off.)

Me: “Okay! That’s $25.”

Customer:What?! Honey, that can’t be right. I wanted four pieces with fries!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. The white special is $6.50, and the dark is $6.00. Two white and two dark–“

Customer:No, honey. I wanted four pieces: one breast, one wing, one leg, and one thigh!”

Me: “Oh, okay! I’m sorry.” *voids off one of each* “Okay, it’s $12.50”


Me: *getting agitated* “One white special is a breast and a wing and fries. It’s $6.50. A dark is a thigh and a leg and fries. That’s $6.00. So–“

Customer: “Just give me one, then, honey!”

Me: “White or dark?”

Customer: “White.”

Me: *voiding the other dark special* “Okay, $6.50.”

Customer: “That’s better, honey.”

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