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I work as a security guard at a major shopping centre a lot of times customers will come and ask us for directions to various stores in the mall. This is one interaction I had with a customer.

I was on an exterior patrol of the shopping centre and I was just outside one of the main mall entrances a customer approached me carrying an empty cooler bag for food. He told me that he was a delivery driver for a major food delivery service where customers order food using an app and it’s delivered to their home and he says “Can you help me find a store” and he shows me a map he says “I’m looking for the store eastbound” I see on the map that it tells him to travel eastbound on a local road I say “that is not a store the map says for you to travel eastbound” this does not seem to register at first so this goes back and fourth for a while. During this time his customer calls him three times and he does not answer the phone. Eventually he says “I know what store it could be” and he says the name of a major sporting goods store that is in the mall he continues to say that’s what it was last time. I decided to just let him go to the sporting goods store to try to pick up his order.

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