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I’m a young girl and was about to fly to my bf. When I checked into the plane a surfer dude sat beside me…
surfer dude : hey I’m (name) and you ?
Me: hey (name) I am (my name)
SD: well you know my gf is home and I wanted to ask if you mind holding hands with me I hate the take off
Me: uh um yea fine when it helps you
After we took off I left his hand and ordered a drink. He moved on and ordered me one too. Now I had two cokes in front of me. After a while he started to drink from my bottle like if we were pals. He even ate my food with me…
SD: you want to watch a movie ?
Me: nah I’ll listen to music
SD: but you could cuddle my shoulder while enjoying the movie
Me: you have a gf ! And I have a bf so no but thank you
SD: yea but she’s mean. She don’t cuddles and she sleeps with that other guy from work…
Me: oh I am sorry . I’m sure you’ll find someone else
SD: i just did rn
He gave me a neglace and said that it’ll always be the sign for our friendship. He did a couple of more tries to flirt with me while the flight. I felt bad for him
When we left the plane he said..
SD: ok girl luv ya. Don’t forget me. You were the nicest person I’ve met so far
Me: K you’re pretty nice too see ya
… it was a weird flight

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