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23 Amazing Stories About Japan! – The Not Always Right World Tour!

, | Right | August 29, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s time to continue the Not Always Right world tour! Last time, we visited India, and before that The Philippines and Brazil! Today, at your request, we are heading to that crazy island where a mega-technopolis sits next to beautiful countryside, where a perfect cone volcano can be seen from a high-speed train that whisks you across the country in a matter of hours… yes… we’re going to Japan!

Japan is an island nation, but is actually made up of 6,852 islands in total! However, of its 127 million inhabitants, a whopping 37 million live in its capital, Tokyo, making it the largest urban area in the world by population. It has a diverse history, from alternating periods of war and peace during its imperial times, to tales of great battles involving the infamous samurai. Today, it’s known as a leader in electronics, animation, whiskey, and cars!

To continue the Not Always Right world tour, we’ve gone through our archives to find 23 stories about, or set in Japan! We hope you enjoy it!


Watashi Whaaa – This roundup is off to a really… discouraging start…

Se Habla Japañol – This one’s a trilingual delight!

Shogun The Way To Go Home – Close your mouth and open your ears, lady.

They’re Never Above Your Station – Some people will really go out of their way to be kind.

The Onsen Comes With Shark Repellent – Hits from the comments: “Might want to check up on your replacement’s parents…”

Some Americans Are Friendlier Than Others – That kind of friendliness usually comes with a price.

The Needling Issue Doesn’t Have To Be – To be fair, tattoo needles and medical needles are very different animals!

The Culture Barrier Doesn’t Have To Be A Barrier – This story is just plain delicious.

The Wild, Wild Wet – We wish we could have been a fly on the wall for this game of charades!

History And Cookbooks Are Written By The Victors – Are you sure it was the raw fish and not, you know, the nuclear bomb?

Actions Point Louder Than Words – This is about to be a really weird summer.

An Earth-Shaking Revelation – You gotta love three-year-old logic.

An Ugly Opinion On A Beautiful Process – Must… resist… urge… to punch… the computer screen…

Her Thoughts Are In Utero – The solution here was simple and clean.

This Sunshine Rose In The East – Sometimes the best customers don’t buy anything at all.

Japan Has Its Zombie Apocalypse Licked – Resident Evil: Salivation.

Always Right, Even When Making A Nation Of 130 Million Vanish – Is this the same customer from Watashi Whaaa?

Wheelchairs, Trains, And Automobiles – Sounds like they met some wheely nice workers.

Giajin-People Problems – Tall people are just tall tales come to life in some places!

Those Prices Are Not Healthy – [Editor cries in American.]

ATMs Are Not Always Working – Hits from the comments: “What, you don’t think the little man inside the box deserves time off? Jerk!”

What Is This Culturally Monolithic Country Coming To – Wait until he learns that what we speak is called “English”.

Shogun The Way To Go Home, Part 2 – “We get much worse.” Worse? Are you serious?!


A note from an editor: we mistakenly published this roundup without captions at first! Please accept our apologies and blame it on the 2020 curse.

We hope you enjoyed this Japan-themed roundup! What country would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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