He Gets No Credit For Having A Credit Card

, , , | Right | August 29, 2020

A middle-aged man has swiped his credit card to make a purchase of about $500. He’s already been fairly rude throughout, and I’m trying my hardest to be polite.

Me: “Okay, sir. Now I need to see your card and ID.”

The customer flips over his ID, so I can read the name. 

Me: “Okay, now I need to see your card.”

Customer: “Why do you need to see that?”

Me: “To be sure the names match, sir.”

Customer: “What card?”

Me: “The one you swiped.”

Customer: “I’m not dumb.”

Me: *Totally shocked* “Sir… I never said you were.”

Customer: “Yeah, but you’re talking to me like you are! You need to say credit card. I have a lot of cards! See?!”

The customer holds his ID and credit card literally two inches from my face.

Customer: “See? See?! Is that good enough for you?”

Me: “Yes, sir. Just trying to protect your identity.”

I quickly total out, and the man casts an annoyed look to the customer behind him.

Customer: “Can you believe they hire cashiers this stupid?”

Me: “Here you go, sir. Have a splendid evening.”

Customer: “Yeah, whatever.”

I take a deep breath and look nervously at the customer behind him.

Customer #2: “Oh, good girl! You handled that really well. I may be dumb, but at least I’m not an a** like that guy!”

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