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23 Crazy Stories About India! – The Not Always Right World Tour!

, | Right | August 15, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s time to continue the Not Always Right world tour! Last time, we visited The Philippines, and before that Brazil! Today, to coincide with Indian independence day, we’re visiting India! (Duh!)

India is a HUGE country, with cultures and sights as diverse as one can expect with a population of 1.3 billion people. The music, the sights, the cuisine, and the film industry (Bollywood, baby!) are well-known and celebrated all over the world, and we challenge anyone to not find one example from that list they don’t like.

We’ve gone through our archives to find 23 stories about India, set in India, or about people who really need to know where India is on a map. We hope our continued world tour helps fight ignorance, celebrate cultures, and give you a great time while you pour some Darjeeling and settle in for a fun read!


Don’t Have Beef With Hinduism – “Pandering to locals” is also called… good business.

Yeah, But Our Delhis Come With Salami – Some Americans don’t necessarily claim New Jersey…

It’s Okay, That Character Was Tone Deaf Anyway – Music doesn’t make a film “family-friendly.” Have they seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

University Of Homer Simpson – Some people need to watch less television.

When In Rome (Or An Indian Restaurant)… – I… But you… We… What?!

Bread And Prejudice – People come in many colors, like white, brown, and pumpernickel.

How Not To Curry Favor – Clearly the answer is “Hollywood.”

A Tanner Darkly – Well, everybody dies from something, I guess.

A Welsh Of Knowledge – They say that like Indian people aren’t perfectly capable people.

The Devil’s Logic – How does this customer think they came into being?

Not Really Our Calling – That’s called “segregation” and we, uh… stopped doing that. A while ago.

Not The Sharpest Bigot – This boss doesn’t mess around with bigots.

Isn’t Sold On The Concept Of Sold Out – You don’t deserve Bollywood.

Tolerating Intolerance Can Be Intolerable – You’ve got your book, they’ve got theirs.

They’re Going To Regret That In The Morning – Remember copying lines in school? This is the adult version.

Not Exactly The Soundest Counsel – As if high school wasn’t already hard enough…

One Door Closes, Another One Stays Closed – Nothing like being stuck out in the Indian weather to make your brain stop working.

Burger, Frustration, And Milkshake – A kind employee can smooth over the biggest frustrations.

This Train Will Be Terminating At Your Hearts – If this story doesn’t make you want to visit India, what will?

Making His Feelings Very Public – Sad how often we have to say it: employees are people, too!

Looking Is Free But Time Is Money – Fair warning: this story may make you want to scream!

Time To Invent(ory) An Excuse To Leave – Inventory is a weird time for everyone.

I’m Totally Coconuts About You – We’re wrapping things up with a sweet story.


We hope you enjoyed this India-themed roundup! What country would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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