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23 Funny Stories About Brazil, And People Who Go Brazil Nuts

, | Right | July 20, 2020

Dear readers,

It was bought to our attention in our series of recent USA themed roundups, that we should venture beyond the shores of the fifty states and find funny and entertaining stories from around the world.

Well, we’re doing that! Starting today, with Brazil!

The largest country in South America, with a huge, diverse population rich in culture. Aside from a few well-known facts, such as being home to the Amazon rainforest, named after the largest river in the world by volume, did you also know that two million Brazilians claim Japanese ancestry, it is home to the world’s most venomous spider, and the customer is, sadly, still “always right” if you read some of the 23 stories we’ve gathered for you below!

So cook up some Feijoada, bake some pão de queijo, and settle in for some hilarious and crazy stories set in, or about, Brazil!


Getting Chesty About The Law – This tourist thinks it’s legal for women to be topless in Rio – she is about to make a boob of herself!

Not Voting In Your Favor – An introduction to the Brazillian voting system, and its many flaws…

Trying To Bottle-Neck The Economy – Malicious compliance – Brazilian style!

A Pregnant Pause In The Middle Of Their Ride – We thought this kind of situation only happened in movies?!

Watch Your Tongues – Being multilingual is very impressive, but only if you match the right languaage to the right conversation…

A Total Brazil Nut – Who knew that not being Brazilian enough was a firable offense?

When An Express Lane Is Not An Express Lane – They have millions and brazillions of items.

The ‘Hard’-To-Find Spider – Warning: This story contains big hairy scary spiders… and other big scary things.

Time To Take Mom To Task – No matter where you’re from in the world, parents still continue to do this…

Pizza Saves The Day Again – We’re not saying you need to get into a vehicular accident to get a free pizza, but it certainly helps!

200 Reasons To Block You – When they want to see your entire stock and they want to see it NOW!

Don’t Ask What Makes The Bread Rise – The NAR editors apologize for the title of this story. You’ll know what we mean after you read it.

Needs To Pay The Intelligence Tax – It would be nice to be tax-free simply because you said so.

Our Great DiscrimiNation, Part 4 – When bigotry meets science.

Standing Up By Sitting Down – Old people who expect respect without acting respectful can be found in most countries.

For Pirate Tech Support Call 1-800-ARRR – Advice to software thieves: don’t call up tech support with your obviously-fake copy!

No Need To Get Catty About It – My cat is sick and your attitude is not helping!

Where There Is Life, There Is Stupidity – The dead animals in the pickle jar are more intelligent than the students looking at them.

When Online Shopping Flops – When old people stick something into a computer, it’s usually going to be a problem…

The Language Of Stupidity – How to be totally estúpido in Brazil!

If I Had To Portuguess… – Fragile men who are insecure about their sexuality – avoid scarves!

Directionless Lies – Brazil is only on the map when it chooses to be.

In The Region Of Their Relationship – Long-distance relationships over a game only works if your Brazilian boyfriend isn’t region-locked!


We hope you enjoyed this Brazil-themed roundup! What country would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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