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23 Hilarious Stories About The Philippines! – The Not Always Right World Tour!

| Right | July 30, 2020

Dear readers,

It was bought to our attention in our series of recent USA-themed roundups, that we should venture beyond the shores of the fifty states and find funny and entertaining stories from around the world.

Well, we’re doing that! Last week we visited Brazil, and today, we’re going to The Philippines!

Being an archipelago made of 7,107 islands (at high tide), The Philippines has a huge and culturally diverse population. Known for their super-friendly demeanor, eclectic influences on their food (it’s a little bit Chinese, a little bit Spanish, a little bit Malaysian, a little bit American, a little bit…), and having some of the best beaches in the world.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives about, or set in, The Philippines to continue our cultural tour around the world, so grab some adobo, take a swig of some San Miguel, and brace yourself for a wild jeepney ride!


A Development For The Lesser Developed – The Philippines is now the call center for the world, which means they’re going to solve all your problems, so play nice!

The Manila Express – The mileage on those jeepneys has really gone up!

You’ve Been Out-Street-Smarted – Parents can play this trick in the west, but in the Philippines, they’ll need to think of something else.

Doesn’t Pilipi-Know What She’s Talking About – What’s Tagalog for “Karen.”

It’s A Mad Mad Magdarame World – We’ll just stick to the egg-hunt, thanks…

Unhealthy Conversation – Titas always has an interesting way of saying “how it is.”

Feels Like Tagalo(n)g – When at a Filipino buffet, prepare to try dishes from around the world.

You And Ice Cream Need To Come To An Understanding – Ice cream is only as complicated as you make it.

If That Floats Your Boat, Then Sure! – The Philippines has a flexible real-estate market, but we didn’t realize it was this fluid!

Totally ‘Tanga’ – Filipinos swear by these words.

Babysitting Is Just A Game To Them – Sadly the entitlement of the west has spread east.

The Mother Of All Filipino Time – It’s a stereotype because it’s true.

You Give Nothing, You Get Nothing – People like this make the Philippines regret opening so many call centers.

Build Your Yearly Planner Around Her – You can always tell who has worked in retail…

Some Killa Manila Karma – Transferred from an ex-Spanish colony to a Spanish speaker.

Bad Customers Are A Sign Of The End Times – The Philippines is a land of earthquakes, and God-given perfect comic timing.

The Cake Is A Lie, Part 8 – By the time you get to the end of this story your blood-sugar will be low.

That Got Dark – When the snooty make-up ladies are lip-stuck in their ways.

Listen To The (In)Voice Of Reason – Invoicing is just as much fun in The Philippines as it is anywhere else!

The World Isn’t Bready For This Customer – This is totally ensaymaddening.

Flipping Through The Atlas – Most Filipinos are multilingual but this is ridiculous.

Flipping Off – Totally daliri-ious.

This Is Why We Don’t Color Code People, Part 2 – Bigotry and racism are big Filipino-nos…

And finally, a bonus story that isn’t technically about the Philippines, but you’ll see what we mean…

Throw In A Chilean For Some Kick – We really hope those little flecks in the cheese are not from people…


We hope you enjoyed this Philippines-themed roundup! What country would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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