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A man in a large grey overcoat with fedora and sunglasses comes up to me. When he speaks I notice he has an American accent.

Man: Do you recognise me?

Me: I don’t think so. Should I?

Man: No. I own the shop next door. I just wanted to be sure no one recognised me.

Me: to be brutality honest, I don’t think we’ve ever met.

He fumbles around while I scan his items.

Man: *after he pays* Thanks, and remember: you didn’t see me.

He makes his way to the exit, but a young boy spots him.

Boy: Mummy, look! It’s Inspector Gadget!

This completely startles the man, and as he shakes he starts to rattle. Twelve clocks then fall from his jacket. He doesn’t attempt to flee and he agrees to pay for the clocks before the police arrive, and there are no charges made. He was banned though.

Everyone got training the week after on how to tell if someone is distracting you while also stealing. We used the man as a bad example though, as despite the fact he did adequately distract me, he also admitted who he actually was, which turned out to be true as our shop owner knew him by face.