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So at my store, we have a policy that whenever a return is executed without a receipt, the refund could only go back on a gift card. This lady walks in with a full back story on how she forgot her receipt at home.
Me (after processing her refund without a receipt): Your total is $27.94 and that would be going on a gift card.
Her: What? No, no, no. I want it on my credit card. (Pulls out credit card) This is the one I bought it from, can’t you just look it up?
Me: No ma’am. It is our store policy.
She demanded a manager, and the manager comes up and says the exact same thing. She starts packing up her things and leaves while she yells at both me and my manager.
Her: This is 2017 and you can’t even look up my credit card in your system. This is theft. Is this how you treat your customers? By stealing their money and forcing them to shop at your store.

For a lady that is so worried about theft, you would think she would be concerned about the potential identity theft that she could’ve faced if we stored all of out customers credit card information in our systems.