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(Phone call)

Me: Thank you for calling [pharmacy], how may I help you?

Pt: (obviously already angry) you messed up my prescription. You didn’t give me enough.

Me: okay, let me take a look at your file. (There are several reasons they may not get the full quantity, due to insurance, doctor restrictions, short stock, etc…) What is your date of birth and name?

Pt: (give me his info and while one looking home up) I was supposed to get 60 pills but you didn’t give me enough [sounding angrier]

Me: okay which prescription?

Pt: you didn’t give me enough [medication]. I was supposed to get two weeks worth.

Me: (find the medication on his list, and sure enough he got 2 weeks worth) yes, we gave you two weeks worth.

Pt: no you didn’t I only got 56 pills.

(Now I am super confused as 56 pills is a two week supply of his medication)

Me: yes that is two weeks worth.

Pt: no I should have gotten 60. If I get 120 for a month I should get 60 for two weeks.

Me: well you get 4 pills per day and there are 14 days in two week. Which mean 56 pills.

Pt: no it a 15 day because there are 30 days in a month.

Me: sir a month had more that 4 weeks typically.

(I explained math to him for 5 minutes before he hung up)