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It was JUST after school rush (about 15:30) so there were still a few kids hanging around. I had just served a school kid, she stands off to the side to wait for her friend.
Customer comes in, tries to hand me his credit card
Him: Can I get £35?
Me: Do you mean cashback?
Him: Yes
Me: You need to buy something to get cashback.
Him: Of course I fucking do.
(Bear in mind, there is a young girl waiting to the side of him, and her friend behind him in the queue. Because it was just the once, and we all have bad days, I ignored it)
He turns around and grabs a bag of popcorn out of a dump-bin, and throws it onto the counter. I scan it though.7
Me: Ok, if you’d like to put your card in. You wanted £35, yes?
Him: Yes.
He puts the card in and I add on the £35. His card gets declined straight away, and he starts reading off the screen.
Him: “Your card has been declined, please remove card.” Fucking typical. For FUCK sake.
Me: Sir, please don’t swear. There are school kids in here.
Him: Of course there FUCKING are.
He grabs the bag of popcorn off the counter and throws it towards the window, landing in a display. He walks out.
I scan the girls stuff through, they both look a little rattled.
Me: SOMEONE’s having a bad day. Maybe he hasn’t been paid yet, and his bills go out today or something.
They both chuckled, so I felt a little better knowing they were ok. I look outside and notice the guy hanging around outside.
I get taken off the till and I warn the girl that takes me off that a guy has been in and he seemed a little aggressive, and just to warn her to watch out if he comes back in.

At around 21:45, just before close, I’m scanning out the wastage and I notice the guy come back in, he looks like he’s drunk. Walking kind of slowly and trying to keep his balance. I keep my head down and pray I don’t have to deal with him as I’m not on the checkouts. The girl on the checkouts is outside bringing the stuff inside, so I try to quickly get my job done so I can disappear out the back. He walks over to the coffee machine and I don’t hear anything come from over there for a minute.
Him: Does anyone know how this BLOODY coffee machine works? I just want a coffee.
I walk over and grab his cup, he has two so i take the two apart and put one down.
Me: Which coffee did you want?
Him: Black Americano. Large.
I push the button for a Large Black Americano
Him: I’ve tried that, it didn’t work.
When you select a coffee, it brings up a screen that basically says “are you sure this is the one you want?”. There is a button on this page that says “Make it” you press this button to MAKE the coffee. I press the button, and lo-and-behold the coffee starts pouring into the cup.
Him: Oh. Thanks.
Me: That’s Ok.
I walk off to finish my job, and manage to get one thing scanned.
Him: Excuse me? Isn’t there supposed to be coffee in my Black Americano? Because I don’t want to be paying £2.60 or whatever for a cup of water.
I look at the cup and notice that it IS just water. But the machine hasn’t finished pouring yet, so I wait for it to finish before opening it up to see if it’s run out of coffee beans. A few seconds later, coffee starts pouring out.
Me: Ah, there we go.
Him: Sorry, it’s not been a good day today.
I’m surprised I got an apology out of him, but it did make me feel a little better. He goes to grab his cup, but I see by the progress bar on the screen that it still has more to pour into it.
Me: Oh, hang on a second.
As I say this, more coffee comes pouring out of the machine.
Him: Oh, thank you.
After a short moment of awkward silence, he comes out with something that I’m still not sure if he was being serious or not.
Him: I was gang tied and arse raped this morning. Don’t suppose there’s anything you can say to that. I suppose I give this to you? There’s no where to put it in the machine.
He hands me a £10 note for the coffee, and I put it through on the till for him. I give him his change and he thanks me again and leaves.
I don’t think I want to serve him if he comes in again.