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[For several summers, I worked on the boardwalk at a beach for the city I live in. The city charged for admission at the beach, ranging from $7-$12 in the eight years I worked there, and the following exchange happened many, many times over the years.]

Me: [Stopping customer walking on] Excuse me! You need to pay to get on to the beach!

Customer: What? I have to pay? How much?

Me: [Lists price] per person. Children 12 and under are free.

Customer: WHAT?! That’s ridiculous! Why do I have to pay to go on to the beach? What am I paying for?!

Me: WELL, [ticking off fingers] you’re paying to keep the beach clean, to keep the beach maintained, to keep the boardwalk clean, to keep the boardwalk maintained, to keep the beach safe, to keep the boardwalk safe, to pay for the lifeguards, to pay for US…

[That was usually enough for the customer to get the picture and get them to pay. Funny how explaining exactly what they’re paying for can help them understand the reason for exchanging money for access to something…]