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I just finished folding shirts when some boys, talking and playing on their cell phones, come by and sit exactly on the shirts I just folded.

Me: Sorry, that’s not a chair. Would you mind not sitting on it?

The boys get up and sit on our plush display.

Me: that’s not a chair either *ignore me* EXCUSE ME THATS NOT A CHAIR EITHER!

The get up and walk around the store. I go up to the front to hell out in cash and when I’m done I see the boys siting on a ledge beside our cash. I let them sit there for a while until I realize they aren’t leaving.

Me: Can I draw you guys a diagram of a chair because this isn’t one.

Guy #1: Can you get us one?

Me: No!

Then boys leave and I think we’re safe for a while. Then an hour late they come back and make a beeline for our plush. We have dogs on a stick and they pick one up and whack it on the floor, breaking the toy.


After kicking them out I get security and ask what I’m allowed to do if they came back.

Security guard: If they come back point them out to us.

The boys come back and I get security. The boys deny everything even though we have it on video. As I leave to get the broken item they tell security that they thought it would be funny.

Security guard: So you didn’t do it but you thought it would be funny? How does that work?

They refuse to give their name to be recorded for record and security kicks them out of the park.

I go back into my store and my manager comes up to me

Manager: Where’d you go?

Me: Three guests broke one of the dogs on a stick and they got kicked out!

Manager: Don’t leave the store without telling us again!

At least my supervisor was pleased with me…