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I work in a store where all items are $5 or less. This occurs on a busy Saturday when we’ve launched a few summer sales, mostly things like BOGO on sunglasses and Powerade. A woman walks into the store and stands in front of a register that has a box of hand-held American flags on the counter. There are no sales on these flags.

Customer: “Do you sell American flags?”
Me: *points to the box of them right behind her* “Yes, they’re right there.”
Customer: “That’s all you have? You don’t have them all wrapped up?”
Me: “No.”
Customer: “So how much are they? A dollar piece?”
Me: *runs a price check on the cash register* “They’re a dollar each.”
Customer: “So if I buy 25 of them, will I get a discount?”
Me: “No.”
Customer: “You don’t do that?”
Me: “No, they would be $25.”
Customer: “Okay.” *leaves the store*

A little while after she left, a couple bought ten of the American flags (without asking for a discount). There were six flags left after that transaction, so we only had sixteen flags to begin with when she asked about them, not twenty-five.