They Talk Too Much

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My wife has a tour company, and we often have military reunions — mostly WWII guys — come to town with multiple buses, which require us to have multiple guides. I’m standing at the second coach. 

Customer: “Are you our guide?”

Me: “I’m one of them, yes. Do you have a question?”

Customer: “Yes. Are you going to be our guide?”

Me: “I am if you are on this coach.”

Customer: “Good. I’m just making sure I’m not on the coach with the same guide from yesterday.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. That was the city tour, yes? What didn’t you like about it?”

Customer: “She talked the whole time we were on the bus.”

I ignore the irony of wanting a silent tour guide.

Me: “Okay, do you remember her name?”

Customer: “No, but she’s standing next to the other bus; that’s why I want to make sure that woman isn’t our guide.”

Me: “Oh, you mean my wife? Yes, she’ll be on the first coach. I’ve got this one.”

The customer muttered something under his breath, got on the bus, and sat in the back and talked to his friends during the entire tour. I still have no idea why someone would take a city tour but not want to hear any information about the city!

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Not Meeting The Bar For Customer Service

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I deliver for an app-based food/item delivery service, and I get an order to pay for and pick up from a Mexican restaurant I have never been to before. I head in and they seem busy with a group that has shown up early so I figure that, like most places, the carryouts are handled at the bar, so I stand by the bar and wait.

For fifteen minutes, I wait, periodically meeting the eyes of several of the waitstaff as they pass and serve the people in the front, and some who go back to the back where I assume the large party is seated. At no point does anyone acknowledge me and no one seems to be working at the bar. After I realize how much time has passed, I head to the host stand and stand there for five minutes. Then, a woman walks up to me.

Hostess: “How many?”

Me: “No, um, where do I pay for and pick up a to-go order?”

Hostess: “Over at the bar.”

The hostess waved for me to follow. I stared off into space as if I were breaking the fourth wall in a sitcom.

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(I work in a gourmet grocery store. We have a small back room that is for employees only like most grocery stores. This happened when my coworker was closing one night.)
Coworker: (walking around back room and sees a coustmer) Um sir? This area is for employees only. I’m going to need you to step out.

(The coustmer then ran into the bakery, picked up a bottle of pina colada mix, that doesn’t have alcohol, and chugged half of it.)

Coworker: Sir! Please leave! You can’t drink that!

(The coustmer then took the rest of the bottle and tried to pay for it, but he wouldn’t let go or the bottle when the cashier tried to scan it. It also wouldn’t ring up at the register because it’s not a product we sell.)

Coworker: (after the man left) I guess he just really needed a drink….

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I was working the express (12 items or less) and a woman loads up her stuff and when I see her items are well over I let her know but say I will take her since it is slow.
Me:”I’ll take you since it is slow but is it okay if I not bag everything?”

Customer:”Sure, we can bag our stuff too. Thank you.”

after ringing and bagging with her husband trying to take bags from under me.
Me: “Okay, $44. 32”

Customer “$41 on stamps”

I waited while she slid her card and my auto reflex caused me to push the button for the whole amount. By this time her daughter had gotten in line with too many items as well and although slightly disappointed I apologized and told the mother that customer service would fix my mistake.

Customer not yelling but angry:”You did it on purpose because of all my stuff! This wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t a stupid cracker! Musty little bitch.”

She then went over to the customer service counter while I finished up her daughter’s order, the daughter being nicer but not apologizing.
The girl behind the counter listened as the mother pointed and said whatever she thought she could get me in trouble for. Security stood beside me and the woman was escorted out by a manager.

She had lied and told the girl behind the counter that I was throwing her stuff because of the amount of items she had and that I was being rude. I had only talked back when she said I made the mistake on purpose.

I explained what really happened to the girl at customer service and the manager and security. If she had the chance she would have come back to threaten me more if security hadn’t been there. She was saying something about only stupid white girls calling security when s*** gets real.

The whole time I remained calm. I absolutely hate working the express lane because of that.