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(I am outside work in the smoking area at a busy supermarket on my break, in full uniform. A guy of about 17 leans out of a car window as I start to stand up to go back in)

Customer: Hey dude do you get served in here? (Our store operates a challenge 25 policy meaning we ID anyone who looks under 25, I am 18)

Me: yeah I work here

Customer: yo can you go in for me and get me a pack of (brand) cigarettes?

Me: no mate that’s illegal.

Customer: Aww come on no one would know.

Me: Sir that would constitute a proxy sale which is illegal and mean me losing my job and facing an unlimited fine and five years in prison. (Yes the penalties are really that harsh).

Customer: Come on dude I though you’d be cool.

(I walked inside and pointed the guy out to our checkout manager. Who’s stupid enough to ask an employee to break challenge 25 law)

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