At The Appointed Name And Time

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(I have an appointment for a blood draw first thing in the morning. I walk in and go to the automated check-in system, and it flashes back at me that it has booked me in under somebody else’s name, so I go up to the desk.)

Me: “Hi, sorry. The automated system just tried booking me in as [Other Name], but I’m actually [My Name]. You couldn’t check I’m definitely booked in, please?”

Receptionist: “Sure thing. I’m surprised the automated system ever works, to be honest.”

(She pauses for a second, then clearly tries and fails not to smile.)

Receptionist: “Yeah, okay, you’re booked in. The name you read, that’s not you; that’s who your appointment is with.”

Me: “It’s too early. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!”

The Wheels Of Change

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(I am a museum curator at a transport museum. I’m teaching a class of six-year-olds and have asked them to take a close look at the wheels on one of our buses. As I move around checking they can all reach one, a little girl stops me with a worried expression.)

Girl: “[Boy] says girls can’t touch wheels; he says we aren’t allowed.”

Me: “Oh, really? Where’s [Boy]?”

(The other children all turn and look at one boy.)

Me: “If girls can’t touch the buses, why do you think there is a woman running the whole place? I even drive the tractors! Don’t forget: girls can do anything. Now, everyone, have a good look at those wheels.”

Girl: “Wow!”

No Vocation For Location, Part 20

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(My housemates and I have invited one of our mutual friends over, and he asks if he can bring a girl he’s been really keen to ask out the last couple of weeks. We agree, and he invites her along, too. When she arrives, she seems like a perfectly nice person; however, she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. At one point, we get around to talking about my dad.)

Friend: “How’s your dad doing?”

Me: “Oh, he’s okay, thanks. He’s in Geneva right now.”

Girl: “Er… What’s he doing there?”

Me: “There’s an academic conference there, and he’s giving a speech.”

Girl: “But why does he have to go out all the way to Africa?”

Me: “What?”

Girl: “Geneva. That’s in Africa, ain’t it?”

Me: “No, it’s in Switzerland.”

Girl: “But I thought that guy in The Last King of Scotland was the ruler of Geneva.”

Friend: “That was Uganda!”

Girl: “Oh.”

(Unfortunately, that is not a one-off, and throughout the evening she continues to her put her foot in it. At one point in the evening, we are watching the highlights from an AC Milan game.)

Housemate #1: “That’s an amazing strike.”

Girl: “Those Spaniards are really good at football, aren’t they?”

Housemate #2: “Spaniards? You mean Italians?”

Girl: “No, Spain. Milan is in Spain; I went there!”

Me: “That’s impossible. It’s in Italy.”

Girl: “No, it isn’t. It’s that place by the sea that all the British people like!”

Friend: “You went to Majorca, not Milan.”

Girl: “Oh, right. Well, it was with my family, so I guess I didn’t pay attention.” *laughs nervously*

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(Just to set some context, I work in a large coffee chain in the north of England, and until this point we had never had an American come in the store. This middle aged American woman comes in with one of our loyalty cards which must be reloaded and the money must be used in order to get your points. Before I can even greet her, she approaches the till, holds up her card and says:)

Customer: With this card, I am single-handedly keeping this store afloat.

Me: (slightly stunned at this point) Uh… Okay. What can I get for you today?

Customer: Well first of all you can tell me how much is on my card.

Me: (swipes card to check balance) *laughing* There’s actually nothing on your card at the moment…

Customer: (looking a bit sheepish) Oh… Okay. Well can I put two hundred dollars on it?

Me: (I’ve never ever reloaded that much money onto a card before.) “Well we only deal in pound sterling here. So I can put two hundred pounds on? But that won’t be the same amount as dollars I’m afraid.

(The lady looks shocked as if the difference between pounds and dollars had never occurred to her before.)

Customer: But you’re an American company!! Why can’t you just put it on in dollars?

Me: No, we can only reload in pounds, we are in Britain.

(Eventually the customer agrees to load her card with a significantly smaller amount of money in pounds, and then all she buys is a small coffee which is £2.50.)

Me: I thought you wanted a lot more money than that going on?


Know When To Hold ‘Em And When To Fold ‘Em

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(I work on the tills at a well-known cheap clothing shop in the UK. I am packing the clothes that a customer has just bought into her bags.)

Customer: “No, no, stop that at once!”

Me: “What is the problem?”

Customer: “You’re packing that bag too haphazardly! My clothes will be wrinkled and ruined when I get them home!”

(At this shop, we are literally trained in how to pack bags to ensure that the clothes are folded neatly and the heavy items are on the bottom and the light ones are on the top. I have been following this training to the letter. I start to pack the bag exactly the same way as I was before, just slower.)

Customer: “There. That’s better! You’re actually folding the clothes now!”

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