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(I have been getting sails calls and emails ever since I registered my website domain, but this one takes the cake for the best one I’ve ever had.)
Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Hi, my name is [caller]. Am I speaking to the owner of website?”
Me: “This is he.”
Caller: “Hi, I’m calling to talk about getting your website on the top page of websites such as Google or Bing. We’re actually on the final stage, we just need to finalize some information. Your website is [website], correct?”
Me: “I’m assuming there’s a cost to this?”
Caller: “Of course, but it’s not monthly. You’ll only have to pay $120/year starting today.”
(Sirens instantly started going off in my head as I remembered getting calls about this very same thing from the same person before, and I had already displayed disinterest in their products last month.)
Me: “Mam, I don’t have the money and I’m really not interested.”
Caller: *Getting slightly irritated* “But it’s not a monthly cost!”
Me: “I understand, but I’m really not interested.”
Caller: “Well, *muffled words but clearly angry*! Bye!”
Me: “Bye.”
(It only took me a few seconds for me to register what those muffled words were in my head, but when I realized I instantly burst out laughing and went to tell my Dad.)
Me: “Hey Dad, I got a call from this telemarketer and” *told him the hole story* “At the end she ended up saying, “Well, f*ck you! Bye!””
(I was having a ruff night, but that call turned my hole night around by making me laugh. Thanks, random abusive telemarketer!)

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