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(I work in a small little candy and pop shop in my city’s major mall. Because we have shelves of soda in glass bottles and a lot of them are dark, customers frequently come in asking for beer. Usually it’s a small exchange, they get a little embarrassed and leave, and sometimes I manage to sell them a soda anyway.
It’s a slowish day and this guy, probably about 17, though definitely no older than 20 comes in with his friends.)

Me: Hi, welcome to [Store Name], can I help you find anything?

Guy: Yeah, I’m looking for a really good beer.

Me: Oh, sorry, but all of our stock is non-alcoholic.

(At this point he’s looked around a bit and he sees the door a little behind the counter. It blends in with the wallpaper so it’s easy to miss, and it’s home to the heating/ac and the backup bag stash.)

Guy: (gesturing to the secret door) So is that where you keep the booze?

Me: No, like I said we don’t serve alcohol here.

Guy: If I give you $5 will you open it and sell me the beer?

Me: No, there’s no beer in there.

Guy: Can I see?

(Reluctantly I open the closet door. He sees the heating unit and assumes it’s a tank. For holding the super secret booze. Eventually I turn up the thermostat a degree to prove that no, it’s really just a heater and not a secret booze compartment, and the guy finally gives up. His friends have been kinda laughing along, it’s pretty clear that they all came in and staged this just to bother me. Eventually the guy buys an energy drink and they all leave.
Jerks didn’t even tip me after the free entertainment.)

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