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My coworker takes a call, talks a bit, then puts the individual on hold and flags me down.
Co-Worker: It’s a reviewer. Don’t those usually go through marketing?
Me: Mostly. Is it (reviewer name)?
Co-Worker: I don’t know. He didn’t give me a name.
Me: Okay. Transfer it to me.
Me: Box Office, (Me) speaking. How can I help you?
Customer: (silence, then sounding aggravated) I want to reserve a ticket.
Me: (thinking I may have picked up a new call instead, I push through) Okay, and which day are you looking for?
Customer: I want (Opening Night)
Me: Okay. I have a nice seat in Row G, near the middle, does that sound good?
Customer: (still huffy) I just want the best seat you have.
Me: Okay, well this is halfway back, near the middle. Does that sound good? (silence) …Have you been in our theater before?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Alright, so lets do the one in Row G, if that sounds good to you.
Customer: Whatever! I just want to make a reservation!
Me: Okay. And will this be for a senior or student at all?
Customer: No! Just a regular REVIEWER ticket.
Me: Oh! You’re looking to review the show?
Customer: (Sounding distressed) I just want to make a reservation! How hard does this have to be? I’ve been on the phone 10 min now!
Me: I’m sorry, it’s just that normally when a person is reviewing a show, they go through our marketing department to get a comp ticket. I just need a little more information; what publication are you writing for?
Customer: (making distressed, annoyed sounds) It doesn’t – it’s not – look, I just want to make a reservation!
Me: Okay. That’s going to be $43 for a regular adult ticket. Can I have your first name please?
Customer: (mumbles)
Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.
Customer: HOW MUCH is it?
Me: $43.
Customer: The ad in (local paper) says $20!
Me: They might list a range of prices there. $22 would be a student ticket on a Preview night. This ticket is $43, but we do have discounts for students and seniors that night as well.
Customer: (makes an aggravated noise and hangs up.)
Co-Worker: So who was it?