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(I am the stupid customer here. I am at a mall, where I have just opened a new bank account. I decide to do some shopping an a popular store when I remember that I still need to cancel my old account. I decide to do this over the phone.)

Bank employee: *on phone* Okay, we’re almost done. Do you know there’s a fee to cancel?

Me: yes

Employee: Normally we would take the fee out of your current balance but it appears that you don’t have any money in your account.

Me: Oh, I transferred it to my new one. Can I pay by credit card?

Employee: Of course. Your total is [fee], please state your credit card number.

Me: *loud and clear* It’s [number]

Employee: Now I need your PIN.

Me: 1234.

(I finish the transaction and hang up. An employee at the store I’m in comes up to me.)

Store employee: Excuse me, I heard you from 2 aisles down and I would highly recommend you freeze your credit card and change your PIN.

(Yes, I had just stated all my credit card information as loud and clear as I could in the middle of a crowded store. Luckily I was able to change my PIN before anything happened.)