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(I’m a shopper in this one)

Customer: Excuse me, do you accept EBT?

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t work here. I just happen to be wearing a blue shirt.

Customer: ……….WOW!

(As he stands there for a while, apparently astonished, I go about my shopping again. Then I hear the sound of things tumbling and breaking, and he reappears from another aisle, balancing at least a dozen energy drink cans. He bolts for the checkout, dropping two more on the way. I’m now behind him in line.)

Customer: someone spilled a bunch of energy drinks back there!

Clerk: Haha, yeah I’m SURE it was some guy. (She’s seems to think he’s joking around)

Customer: No, serious! Some guy came and spilled them!

Clerk: (her expression droops as she figures out he’s actually trying this juvenile excuse) Alright well… I’ll have one of the other associates go look. Do you have a [drug store] membership card?

Customer: Yes I do!

Clerk: Alright, go ahead and swipe it right here.

Customer: I don’t have a membership card.

Clerk: …Oh. Would you like to sign up for one to get a discount today?

Customer: Yes.

Clerk: Okay, go ahead and push yes on the touchscreen. Now, go ahead and enter your phone number.

Customer: …………WOW.

(He bends over the touchscreen deep in thought for a long time without pressing anything.)

Clerk: Would you like me to give you the mail-in membership paper so you can get your discount now and fill this out later?

Customer: No, I got this.

(He manages to get 3 numbers typed in)

Clerk: (into the phone PA) Second checker please, I need someone to open another register.

(A new register is opened, and all the other waiting customers are checked out. Last I saw, he was still entering his phone number.)